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Environmental Consultants, LLC
YF Environmental Services, LLC in Houston, TX
A “large business” strategy with a “small business” attitude …  Providing personalized environmental engineering and consulting services to schools, institutions, business and industry.


Schools And Institutions

Steve William - Jennings School District

“They are responsive and helpful.  They oversee jobs to ensure quality performance.  I know that when Jim is present, everything is being done correctly and will meet all the necessary rules and regulations.”

John Rozycki - Washington University

“Environmental Consultants, LLC can provide quick and detailed resolutions to nearly any problem.  I will continue to utilize their services and recommend that others do the same.”

Mike Blubaugh - Wentzville School District

“The Environmental Consultants are multi-talented and equipped to handle all of the school districts environmental needs.  They provide excellent client service and produce high quality work for a competitive price within the environmental consulting industry.  Furthermore, their emergency response services are reliable and efficient.  When a problem arises, I know that I can count on the EC to be prompt with a solution, ensuring that I won’t have to deal with media or regulatory problems.”

Keith McCune - Saint Louis University

“I value my relationship with the senior personnel at The Environmental Consultants because as a supervisor I get pulled in many directions and am expected to know various environmental and government regulations.  Because I can’t possibly be in the know about all environmental compliances, I turn to EC to help me out.  They take consulting to the next level as they provide in- depth services and advise to make sure that I am meeting all of the necessary guidelines.”

Business And Industry

Rob Malone - Malone Construction Company

“Environmental Consultants, LLC provides work that is compliant with guidelines as well as effective worker protection.  They are extremely responsive and attentive, and are always prepared to jump in with immediate resolutions to problems. As the owner of a construction company, I am constantly learning of new regulations pertaining to environmental issues established by multiple organizations.  Environmental Consultants are well versed in all of the newest guidelines and as a result, they provide me with up to date information as well as effective resolutions to unforeseen problems.”

Howard Margraff - The Archdiocese of St. Louis

“The Environmental Consultants are knowledgeable in all phases of environmental consulting.  Once contracted, they provide extremely thorough and professional services throughout the entire duration of the project, making themselves available to answer any questions and offer reasonable and detailed advice. The Environmental Consultants are very intelligent and talented in their line of work.  I would highly recommend them to anyone in the area.”

Ron Veach - City of Florissant

“The personnel provide by Environmental Consultants, LLC supplied me with quality, efficient service professionals who were always available to answer my questions and offer knowledge and experience-based suggestions.  I would highly recommend Environmental Consultants, LLC to any of my colleagues.  I couldn’t imagine anyone else making the job run more smoothly than they did: they’re a great company to work with!”