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Environmental Consultants, LLC
YF Environmental Services, LLC in Houston, TX

Jim Yasitis, Managing Principle

Jim Yasitis started Environmental Consultants, LLC in May 2003 with friend and business partner Jeff Faust as an alternative to the faceless "big company" image of the environmental industry.  Jim's career in the environmental industry actually began in 1986 as a way to pay for college.  Jim's hard work and relentless pursuit of perfection has been a very successful approach to winning the hearts of many long-term customers.  Often times, customers comment on Jim's tenacity for getting things right and working hard to achieve the objective at hand.  Jim has worked in all phases of the abatement/remediation process from completing and supervising actual remediation projects; initial AHERA school inspections/management plans in 1988; developing a women owned environmental consulting/traning firm owned by his mother and stepfather; EPA approved trainer; owning an abatement firm; managing and estimating for large local and national abatement firms; development of an environmental consulting firm in California with a former member of the Environmental Protection Agency; and management of environmental departments for large national environmental firms.  With Jim's diverse experience, he fully understands all aspects of the abatement industry from investigation through completion.  As such, Jim's projects are known for being delivered on time, under budget, with no change orders, and with no excuses.  Jim’s favorite quote from a customer was “The reason I hired you was the glowing references I received from your competitors in the industry about the quality and commitment of your work.”   Jim's free time is spent with his family.  He has been actively coaching his son’s and daughter's teams since they were old enough to play sports with no end in sight.  Jim's passion is being involved with his kids and teaching kids the value of hard work and ethics.  When not coaching, Jim is often found helping Jeff raise funds for St. Louis Childrens Hospital or other worthwhile causes.
A “large business” strategy with a “small business” attitude …  Providing personalized environmental engineering and consulting services to schools, institutions, business and industry.