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Environmental Consultants, LLC
YF Environmental Services, LLC in Houston, TX
A “large business” strategy with a “small business” attitude …  Providing personalized environmental engineering and consulting services to schools, institutions, business and industry.


Personal contact and professional service is our goal. We are committed to meeting the ecological needs of our customers.  We offer a comprehensive range of environmental and industrial hygiene services and utilize state-of-the-art technologies and methodologies to provide our customers with innovative solutions for recognition, evaluation and control of environmental hazards. Our staff is comprised of personnel from diversified disciplines encompassing virtually every aspect of the environmental services field. Our knowledge of the market allows us to work well with other professionals in the area, ensuring that we have the ability to acquire or allocate the personnel and resources necessary to guarantee that our clients will receive 100 percent satisfaction with our services. Dedicated to providing safe, quality and professional services, we are able to integrate our disciplines and develop a plan that meets our client’s environmental challenges in an effective and cost-efficient manner.


Meet the partners

Environmental Consultants, LLC was founded in 2003 by James P. Yasitis and Jeffry M. Faust.  Since its’ inception, the firm has been providing high quality environmental consulting services to customers in government, public and private sectors.  Repeat business is the cornerstone trademark of Environmental Consultants, LLC and has allowed the firm to grow from four employees in 2003 to over thirty currently.
Jeff Faust, Managing Principal Jeff Faust began his career in the environmental industry following graduate school in 1993.  In May 2003, Jeff started Environmental Consultants, LLC with his friend and business partner, Jim Yasitis, as a way to bring personalized service, continuity and integrity to our customers.
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Jim Yasitis, Managing Principal Jim Yasitis started Environmental Consultants, LLC in May 2003 with friend and business partner Jeff Faust as an alternative to the faceless "big company" image of the environmental industry.  Jim's career in the environmental industry actually began in 1986 as a way to pay for college.
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